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Never in our wildest of dreams...

22 years ago, when Zach was born and I told Ed, I'm not going back to work at Bell Atlantic telephone, you need to figure out a way for me to stay home and raise our kids! Never, in our wildest dreams would we have thought that 22 years later we would be living on a beautiful gentleman's farm with 25 acres, but adding a second farm to our operation. The new farm has 120 acres and so much room for more cattle and growing hay. Zach and Zoey both pleasantly surprised us and decided to become farmers. Zach has a talent for organization, management, and operation of equipment as well as knowledge of wildlife and forage. Zoey's talents are definitely in the care and raising of cattle, she has quite the knack for helping calve and then caring for the newborns on the farm. After an internship on a prestigious Angus farm in Montana, Zoey knew exactly what she wanted to do. Blend Zach and Zoey's gifts together and you have a great start to a family farming business.

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